Spark! themes are as relevant as ever

Tackling the threefold challenge

Spark! 2018 brought together some of Australia’s leading minds to solve priority problems together. The overall theme of Spark! 2018 was the threefold challenge we face; to balance the need to lower emissions, the need for a secure and reliable grid and the need to ensure a just transition, so the most vulnerable in our society are not left behind. All three must be addressed for a balanced economic, energy and social transition.


Most of our speakers were able to share their PowerPoint presentations with us for you to view.

See the speakers’ presentations on the MEFL website

Summaries of each conference stream

At each of the conference streams, we took notes of who our panellists were and the insights they shared with delegates.

See the stream summaries on the MEFL website


If you’d like to discuss Spark!, contact our Head of Engagement Rachel Maddocks.