April Crawford-Smith, The Valley Centre

April Crawford-Smith, The Valley Centre

April has a vision for building empowered, self-sustaining communities and has been working in social justice for many years. April’s current role is Project Manager for The Valley Centre; whose focus is working with Aboriginal communities across the country, on self-sufficiency, energy resilience and sustainability projects.

This work focuses primarily on energy poverty for remote communities. Elders and Leaders have invited April and her team to work with them right across the country as “Community Facilitators”, all with a similar focus on energy independence for household resilience and community economic development.

Solar power has been a critical catalyst, giving inspiration to the community to do housing, food, water and youth projects to enhance the community’s wellbeing.

April is also Convenor of Pingala, which has been instrumental in the work with Aboriginal communities, providing key skills and networks to this process. Pingala was the recipient of an Office of Environment and Heritage grant which partnered with The Valley Centre in their work with three communities in northwest NSW, addressing issues found and facilitating the process of solutions mapping with each community.

The Valley Centre is a genuine on-the-ground community organisation, with flexibility and cultural sensitivity to work in many different contexts.